What Made You Fall in Love With Beauty?

The other day I was watching this interview that beauty journalist Sali Hughes did with my makeup spirit animal, Sir John, a.k.a Beyonce’s makeup artist, a.k.a a living makeup legend, and Sali asked Sir John what made him fall in love with beauty.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

Sir John said that for him, beauty was watching his mom, a makeup minimalist, put on her makeup every morning… For me, that wasn’t the case because my mom really wasn’t a makeup person. (I know, we’re so different!) She didn’t really wear a lot of it, and I didn’t have any sisters or close aunts or other family members to watch put on their makeup, but I was still always interested in makeup.

I remember my mom had a couple pieces (an eyeshadow compact and a blush) that she kept in the bathroom, and I remember going in there and looking at them with curiosity and wonder… They seemed so magical and mysterious to me!

But the real obsession didn’t kick in until I was 12 and 13, and it was fueled by magazines. This is probably going to sound odd to someone growing up now, because magazines don’t have the pull they did back in the day, but we didn’t have the Internet in the ’80s and early ’90s. I mean, our Internet was the magazine aisle at Thrifty’s, and I would tear into my monthly issue of Seventeen every month for the beauty stories, especially the makeup and hair stories. I did that from about 13 to 20… I don’t remember nails getting a lot of attention back then, though.

Oh, and here’s another sign of the times: I don’t remember seeing a lot of diversity in the how-to articles. Like, hooded lids? What’s that?! I would try eyeshadow tutorials and wonder what I was doing wrong because when I put shadow in my crease, it didn’t look anything like what Cameron Diaz was doing, LOL! Oh, and the hair how-tos were all made for girls with stick straight hair, so again I would wonder why they wouldn’t work on my wavy, unruly hair.

One thing I would do is tear out pages with pictures of makeup I liked and tuck them away for future reference, and I still do it today! I find old torn out pages in the most random places…

It’s a little sad to me that print publishing isn’t what it used to be, because I still remember how exciting it was to get all my beauty magazines every month and dive into them. I hope they stick around a while longer.

So, yeah, magazines fueled my love for beauty!

What fueled yours?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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