Urban Adventures

urban decay soul love glitter 3


In the interest of full disclosure, the only place I went wearing this glittery makeup (Urban Decay, obvs!) was downstairs…and then upstairs…and then downstairs at home because I felt absolutely bonkers wearing it, so perhaps the title of this post should be “Suburban Adventures”?

But you know how it is… Sometimes, you gotta just play with glitter, even if it takes you to crazytown.

There are some [email protected] flecks of glitter in this look, and yes, they’re HUGE. I used two UD glitter gels, including Distortion, which has iridescent hexagonal glitter pieces (they look white in pics taken with a flash, but more purple and pink in real life); and Soul Love, the dark, dainty teal. Both are safe to use on eyes.

urban decay soul love glitter 3

urban decay soul love glitter 3

By the way, I stumbled upon a tip while I was working out this look! If you’re layering tons of glitter on your lids (because you never know when the occasion will arise), wait for each layer to completely dry before applying the next one, because if you pat more glitter on your lids while they’re still wet, you might disrupt the previous layer.

Which is just…not good.

urban decay soul love glitter 3

urban decay soul love glitter 3

I also stumbled upon a lovely, easy way to do a natural-looking base: full-coverage liquid matte concealer (dotted wherever you want coverage) sheered out with a face brush and dampened with a makeup setting spray.

Ideally, use a face brush with synthetic fibers because synthetic bristles won’t absorb as much liquid product as natural bristles will, which leaves more on your face.

urban decay summer solstice

All about that (sheer) base

I used Urban Decay naked Skin Concealer in Medium Dark Warm with a Real Techniques Multi-Face Brush, which I dampened with the new Urban Decay Summer Solstice All Nighter Setting Spray.

It’s an LE scented version of All Nighter… It’s supposed to smell “summery” (coconuts, pineapple, sea salt), but all I smell is a vague sunscreen scent…

Eh. I’m bummed out about the scent, but the setting spray itself is wonderful!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.P.S. What did you do for the Fourth? We went to this place called McNears Beach Park for a picnic, and it was nice. Coywolf got to build a castle in the sand, I got to do some reading, and El Hub did some fishing off the pier. He used a piece of cooked hot dog for bait…then wondered curiously why he didn’t catch anything. LOL.

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