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  • June 22, 2019
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NEW ULM — Thursday, the Brown County master gardeners held their annual garden tour. Like plants in the garden, interest in the tour continues to grow.

Over 80 people visited the five gardens within the first hour, despite the threat of rain.

The master gardeners’ tour is held the same week each year. In late June, the gardens have time to grow.

The 2019 tour included the gardens of Nan Nonnemacher, Sid and Jan DeLeo, Todd and Shannon McKeeth, Thomas and Mimi Hendel and Mike and Carol Goblirsch.

The DeLeo garden is hidden away in a narrow backyard between the house and garage. Next to the garage is a firepit and chairs for entertaining. Nearly every foot of the back yard is dedicated to the garden, but it makes the tight space seem immense. The DeLeo garden is adjacent to a garden in a neighboring property. The two owners more or less share the garden space along the property line.

The McKeeth garden is the only one on the tour located primarily in the front yard. The garden grows in front of the Bingham Hall. The entire garden is visible from the sidewalk. The walkway leading to the house is flanked by flowers to invite visitors. Shrubberies surround the front deck creating a soothing environment to spend a summer’s day.

The Hendel garden begins on the side of the house but opens up in the backyard. The garden features homemade material. The owners have a clay spinning wheel and a flair for creativity.

Tom said the garden was designed based on what was already on the property and what was available. Mimi is able to keep the garden going, describing the experience as therapeutic.

The Nonnemacher garden is accessed through an alley on the south side of town. The entire area is fenced in with a unique gate design. Flowers grow along the fencing. The corner features a relaxation corner with outdoor chairs. Nonnemacher said she got the gardening bug from her mother, who lives next door and still helps her daughter maintain the flowers.

The Goblirsch garden is on the north side of town and has a little bit of everything. A fairy garden surrounds a tree near the entrance. Stepping stones lead a path through dense plantings. A new herb garden is thriving on at the end of the path. In the far corner, the garden features a reimaging of the classic lawn flamingo made from metal. A visitors marveled at the Goblirsch rainwater collection tank, which takes in dozens of gallons from light rain.

The master gardeners counted this year’s tour as a success. The attendance was similar to last year, but more impressive because the garden lovers took the tour despite rain and tornado warnings.

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