Saturday Surfing, Nov. 16th, 2019

trader joes 12 days of beauty items

Mmm… All the yums…

Happy Caturday, my friend!

One of the perks of adulting 24/7 is that you can actively pursue unapproved, unsanctioned frivolous endeavors, like buying yourself an advent calendar from Trader Joe’s and opening everything at once WEEKS before the actual holiday officially starts!

Having the freedom to do things like this almost — almost — makes up for having to deal with people stealing your parking spot. Or, for having to pay the bills. Forever.

(Kinda sorta. Not really.)

Quick TJ’s advent calendar update

I’ve been using a few of the things from my new 12 Days of Beauty Calendar this week, and all I have to say is, “HELLO, YUM-YUMS,” because everything I’ve tried so far smells like food!

Delicious-smelling delights are to be found in the…

If you live near a TJ’s, I recommend grabbing one for yourself (and the ladies in your life) ASAP. It’s sooooo good, you guys.

Anywho…since it’s Caturday and all, Rosie Posie wanted to say a quick “meow” from her own personal fainting couch, which is also known as “Connor’s big girl bed.”

pgr and cocobaby

pgr and cocobaby

These girls have the cutest bedtime ritual. Every night, right before bed, Rosie hangs around and listens while I sing Connor her goodnight lullabies and read her a book. Then, when I turn off the light and leave the room, Rosie hops on the bed and stays with Connor till she falls asleep.

Every day I learn a little more about Rosie and fall more in love. 🙂

On that note, here’s this week’s reading…

I’m so ready.

Pecan or pumpkin pie?


Note to self

Don’t believe me, just watch.

Step by step

What’s on your plate for today? I hope you’re doing at least a little something for yourself, and I hope it feeds your soul.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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