Saturday Surfing, June 29th, 2019

marin coffee roasters

Sometimes, you can’t beat drive-through coffee!

Every time I roll up to Marin Coffee Roasters — no, seriously, I literally roll up because it’s a drive-through — I like to watch the other drivers in line, because most are white-knuckling their steering wheel and rocking back and forth in their seat with a crazed look in their eye, and I don’t blame ’em, because this place sells the best coffee in the county, hands down, and when you need your coffee…you really need your coffee. Lucky for me, I live five minutes away from ’em, mwahahahahaaa!

My go-to drink of late has been their iced latte.

Now, most iced lattes taste like punishment to me — burnt, and almost sour — but MCR’s is buttery, smooth, creamy, and precariously easy to drink. Perfect amount of buzz juice, too, because they leave me peppy but not shaky, and, most importantly, they never give me a tummy ache, which has been happening more and more lately when I get something from Starbucks.

Last time at MCR, when I saw the barista walking out to my car with my drink, I felt the sudden urge to leap over the hood of my car like an American Ninja Warrior! Seriously, best dang coffee in Novato, IMO. Highly recommended.

Who makes the best coffee where you live? Hopefully, you have a cup to sip while you read this week’s Saturday Surfing!

What goes down when you get a lash perm (Side note: NOW I WANT ONE).

One of my favorites, and part of the reason I named my daughter Claire.

I’m kind of a creeper and love seeing what beauty products people actually finish all way down to the last drop.

One of the greats

I may have lost my damn mind when SWV came out.

You have a good day, OK?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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