Saturday Surfing, June 22nd, 2019

Watermelon woes…

Desperately seeking a watermelon whisperer! 🍉

(You read that right.)

I could easily eat two 20-pound watermelons a week. They’re my favorite summer fruit, but so far this has been the Summer of Junk Watermelon (and yes, that’s “junk” as an adjective, which I think might be a local Hawaii thing), since every one I’ve gotten has been about as flavorful as a dirty Styrofoam cooler.

The one I got from Target last week made me the saddest of sad pandas. 🙁 Not only was it at least 60% rind, but the red fruit part was so overripe that it felt like tapioca pudding.

Blech! It was super gross. I ended up throwing it out (and I absolutely HATE throwing out food).

Is there such a thing as having a bad streak of watermelon luck? I’ve done the research. I try to follow best watermelon-picking practices. I follow the guidelines I saw on a sign at Trader Joe’s…but based on every single melon I’ve gotten so far in 2019, I have a special talent for picking all the wrong ones. LOL!

It’s at the point where I’m only going to buy the small ones until this problem gets worked out. Say it with me: “No more bland or squishy fruit!”

On to this weekend’s reading…

My preferred method

What happens when you melt down every lipstick from the drugstore into one Franken-lipstick

Heavy black liner, shiny red lips and a chorus you won’t be able to stop singing

I totally don’t mind this.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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