Saturday Surfing, July 6th, 2019

Hi, friend. How’s it going today? What are you up to? I hope it involves food and fun, whatever it is. 🤗🍉🍧

I don’t know if it exactly qualifies as fun, but I’m heading out the door for an early HIIT class at the gym. After that, though, I’m taking coywolf to a playdate because, apparently, I am now an Uber driver at the beck and call of a threenager, ha ha ha!

But first, a little Saturday surfing…

Get ready to move that booty.

El Hub and I are also celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary this weekend (!). We’re heading down to Sausalito for dinner at a restaurant we haven’t been to before called Copita (gluten-free Mexican). And by “dinner,” I mean that we have 5 p.m. reservations at a (hopefully) child-friendly restaurant! 🙂

Happy Caturday to you. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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