Saturday Surfing, July 27th, 2019

nars and mac blushes

A blush a day?

Every once in a while, I get this crazy hankering to do things like wear every single blush in my collection.

Not all at once, mind you (although that would be kinda fun) — but one blush per day. Or, to try on every single lipstick I own.

OMG. Like, how long would this actually take me? I’ve been trying to do the math, and I estimate it would take roughly FOR-EV-ER.

Yeah, I’m still cleaning out my makeup drawers, but I’m seriously considering doing the blush thing, even if it’s just to make my way through my MAC blushes…and maybe NARS…and I’m realizing right now that homegirl’s got a thing for warm peachy coral blush. It’s PRETTY obvious when I see them all together, HA HA HA!

Have you ever tried something like this? — using every lip product or blush in your makeup collection? I think it could be quite fun and weirdly satisfying in an OCD way.

In today’s news, I’ll be chipping away at Marie Kondo-ing my makeup today, among doing other things, including prepping the condo for the work that starts next week.

About that, none of it is terribly exciting work at this point. I *wish* it was the fun stuff, but it’s just repairs to the house guts. A new water heater, new furnace, and a new air conditioner, because NONE of them work correctly. The work needs to happen (especially the furnace replacement before it cools down in fall), but they aren’t aesthetically sexy home projects.

Lord knows how I’m going to be able to write with people clanging all up in our pipes and sh*t, but I’ll try!

I may post a lotta lists next week…

As for this weekend’s actual Caturday surfing, here are some tidbits and factoids that caught my eye. I hope you find them interesting, too. 😊

My obsession with Sir John is real, people.


Seriously, so weird

The original shake shack!

Feeling it

I just started cooking my eggs like this, and my life is forever changed, #blessed.

Have a great weekend, friend!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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