Saturday Surfing, August 10th, 2019

Should I bring snacks?!

Aaaaand this is the type of thing El Hub and I talk about these days, LOL! Yeah, I have a playdate…WITH. A. CAT. She’s a tortie/tabby mix, and her foster mom (a cat lady friend of mine who I exercise with) says that if she didn’t already have a house full of animals, she’d keep her in a heartbeat.

Dunno if I’m ever going to feel ready for another cat, or if I’ll ever *not* compare every single cat I meet to Tabs, but I’m gonna keep it low-key and go into the visit with an open heart and mind.

El Hub has also warned me — multiple times — about resisting the urge to bring home a family of felines on a whim (“Sweetie, you can’t just bring home five cats”), and yeah, even I can see that happening from a mile away, HA HA HA!

On that note, your beauty (and otherwise) reading for the week…

Classical music for brain power because I need all the help I can get (PLUS, A CUTE CAT!)

Pop-Tarts but make it bougie

Another week, another Sir John video because I’m obsessed

Happy weekend to ya. Doing anything involving cats today or tomorrow? (Please say yes.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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