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  • November 8, 2019
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Today I have a surprise for you all: no complaints, no disclaimers. I just want to share with you three experiences I had here in Taos that are simply wonderful. They help Taos not only shine with the gorgeous sun, but with activities that attract large groups from all over the place.

I want to share the experiences with you all because they are part and parcel of everyday life. They are the beads in the necklace of history that is our lives. They are activities that greatly contribute to our happiness and satisfaction. They become memories, cherished memories. Together with sad memories, which we all have whether we like it or not, they are the wealth of our lives.

But these activities do not happen by themselves, they require leadership by community and I am grateful for it and hope it will continue for a long time to come.

In Taos we have multiple festivals. Pretty much you think of something and voilà – a festival or show makes its appearance and the opportunities exist year-round with, of course, summer and winter at its seasonal peak, but October is a particularly nice month in the year. The end of the summer, the beginning of the fall, the changing of seasons all make of October an ideal month for a festival and the Taos Wool Festival is no exception.

This has been my favorite festival, quite a tradition here in Taos. This year was sort of early in the month (Oct. 5-6) and the day before it rained like it had not rained in years. I was heartbroken, feeling sorry for all the merchants and public that would not be able to enjoy it. But in classic Taos weather fashion, the first day, as always a Saturday, was totally glorious with a gorgeous shining sun. In addition, and to add to the beauty of the occasion, the grass in Kit Carson Park shone like tiny, little diamonds.

Nobody got wet, nobody was upset, we were all happy for the rain and the fact that Taos had delivered, once again, great weather for a great activity. The knitters, the weavers, the children, the pets – they were all in a bliss. It was such an understated event. Soft, live country music played. You could actually hear yourself think and enjoy the event. It was a stress-free event, which in today’s world is quite a rarity. My warmest congrats to the organizers: whatever you do, just keep on doing it.

The second activity I totally enjoyed recently was attending a Met’s Live in HD performance of Puccini’s opera “Turandot” (Oct. 12). Please know that I am an opera buff and being able to say in this minuscule town in the middle of nowhere that I am going to the Met on a Saturday morning is an incredible luxury and for that I am very grateful to the Taos Center for the Arts, its leadership and program folks. Please, just keep it up. I know that opera is a dying art form, but it is still alive and kicking and we should support it as the important art form that it is.

Last but not least, recently I was fortunate enough to be a passenger instead of a driver and enjoy the incredible beauty of the early evening with shining sun, trees showing off their gorgeous manes of yellow leaves. Oh my, what beauty! I know well that the beauty we admire every fall is simply the death of one season and the ushering of another, but how can death be so beautiful? This is all natural, it is not the human species causing havoc with nature; this is as it should be and keeps repeating year after year, and we are fortunate to be witnesses.

So my friends, you will forgive me for not complaining today. Too many good, beautiful things around us. Enjoy!

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