Product Spotlight: MAC Antiqued Eyeshadow, and Bronzed Purple Smoky Eyes

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  • December 20, 2019
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mac antiqued eyeshadow

mac antiqued eyeshadow

What the world needs now is love, sweet, love…and it also needs all the women who hoard love makeup to shop their stashes, because when you dig into what you actually have, you find gold!

Case in point: I was knockin’ around my makeup collection to find something to recreate this look Olive Wilde rocked by Mélanie Inglessis, and that’s when I rediscovered the wonder that is MAC Antiqued Eye Shadow.

mac antiqued eyeshadow

mac antiqued eyeshadow

Antiqued is a deep reddish bronze with a pearly finish in the awesome MAC Veluxe Pearl eyeshadow family (so it’s soft, easy to blend and buffs out without any resistance). You can grab it as a single pan for $7 or with an eyeshadow case for $17.

It’s one of those colors that you can pretty much wear with any warm orange brown in the crease. (Try MAC Saddle, MAC Soft Brown or MAC Texture, and reddish browns like Swiss Chocolate play well with it, too.)

Purple also pairs well it, and you can either do purple liner on the lash line or the outer corner, or you can do what I did here, which is layer it atop a purple liner base like NARS Nagoya.

Speaking of eyeliner…try Antiqued with either MAC Teddy or MAC Costa Riche. ‘Tis magical!

mac antiqued swatch

mac antiqued swatch

mac antiqued eyeshadow

Oh, and here’s a quick tip for a different spin on smoky eyes! — try layering a matching bronze eyeliner (in this case, MAC Teddy) on top of a black liner. That way, you get the depth and intensity of the black liner, but layering bronze on top cuts down on any harshness. 🙂

Makeup worn in this look

EYES: Chanel Eyeshadow Base (all over lids), MAC Vapor mixed with Ricepaper (buffed all over lids), MAC Soft Brown and Saddle (crease), NARS Nagoya liner (as a base from lash line to crease), MAC Antiqued (atop Nagoya), MAC Carbon mixed with Smut (outer corner), Chanel Dimensions Mascara (lashes), MAC Brun and Clear Brow Set (brows)

CHEEKS: Urban Decay Stay Naked Threesome in Naked (bronzer, blush, highlighter)

LIPS: MAC Spice liner with MAC Lust Lipglass

BASE: MAC Timecheck Lotion (primer), BECCA Backlight primer mixed with Covergirl Trublend Matte Foundation in M50 and Urban decay Stay Naked in 51WY (foundation), Estee Lauder 24H Concealer in Medium Deep Warm, Urban Decay Stay Naked the Fix Pwder in 50WY

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