Notebook Nirvana…

I jokingly mentioned to El Hub that I could fill countless volumes of this blank notebook titled “Ledger of Perceived Slights,” and he replied, “Yeah, you could,” a little too enthusiastically.


I honestly didn’t know whether to punch him or kiss him… The man knows me too well, HA HA HA! 🤣

I saw it while shopping for a birthday gift at Copperfield’s Books in Novato, but it’s also available online.

Even though I really wanted it and the other notebooks with slightly snarky titles on the shelf for myself, I have a not-so-small collection of blank notebooks threatening to bury me under an avalanche of paper at the moment, so I resisted the urge.

Marie Kondo would not be proud

A lot of the writing I do is on a keyboard, but there’s just something wonderful about old-school pen and paper! For some reason, the information processes differently, and it sinks in better when I write things down, which is why there are multiple notebooks around me at any given moment.

There are three on my desk right now, each dedicated to a specific subject — an orange one for time management, a purple one for outlines and drafts, and a green one for career notes.

Oh, and I don’t just get notebooks for myself. I also get them for other people. Just the other day, I found a cute pink Minnie Mouse spiral-bound hardcover notebook in the dollar section at Target that I got for Coco-baby, who, by the way, is currently obsessed with finding “fresh pages” in her notebooks.

Hmm… I wonder where she gets that from.

Shout-out to ribbon placeholders

My number-one requirement for any and all notebooks is that the pages have to be lined, since sloped script on unlined pages is way too much chaos for me.

And while an attached thin sliver of ribbon for a bookmark is also a plus, it’s not a necessity.

I also need a notebook that easily lays flat, and so the first thing I do with any potential notebook is open it up to see how the pages fall.

Oh, and a hard cover is a major plus. When you have a hard cover, the world is your desk!

That’s something I figured out in my early 20s, a time during which I spent countless hours writing things down while waiting for…something (usually public transportation).

Last week I found an old hardcover notebook from when I was 24, and I swear, half of the pages had been filled while I waited for BART, MUNI or for my laundry at the laundromat.

Lastly, thick, opaque paper is a plus, especially for journals, but thin pages aren’t a dealbreaker. I’m cool with thinner pages, too, just as long as they aren’t transparent, but I gotta say…those thick pages sure feel indulgent, like putting half-and-half in your coffee, or splurging on Oribe dry shampoo. 😊

Notebook nirvana forever…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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