Next Stop: Caron Paris

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Saw this on my feed this morning, and it hit a little too close to home, LOL!

As Fox Mulder famously said, “The truth is out there…” I agree, and I think that someday the truth will finally be revealed about whether some Starbucks baristas purposefully muck up your name. 😒

my name isnt caron

Was this on purpose?!

Extra points for creativity to the young man who spelled my name exactly like this luxury French fragrance house: Caron Paris.

Thanks to my friend Joey for pointing this out!

I’d never heard of Caron Paris before Joey mentioned it, and now I have yet another place to add to my long list of places I’d like to shop when I go back to Paris (whenever that may be!).

Caron has been making high-end perfumes (both for women and men) and makeup since 1904, and they have three boutiques in the most fashionable neighborhoods in Paris.

They’re known for their rosy scents, as well as their “fragrance fountains” — the opulent crystal decanters with bronze taps that dispense your chosen perfume into a flacon, which is then adorned with golden thread…


They also do a bevy of indulgent accessories, including handmade glass pieces for your dressing table, pearl-encrusted mirrored compacts and handmade lace fans.


To discover the secret charm of Caron by perusing its century-old history is to enter the sacred world of fragrance. Behind the creation of every fragrance lies a fascinating story and their symbolic names often evoke particular events within the world of luxury.

In 1904, thanks to the genius of Ernest Daltroff, Caron established itself in the world of High Perfumery, opening its doors at 10 rue de la Paix, Paris.

Ernest’s love for his colleague Félicie, was a constant and significant influence in his creations. Together, they created powerful concept fragrances such as “N’aimez que moi” in 1916. “Tabac Blond” in 1919. “Fleurs de Rocaille” in 1933 as well as the legendary “Pour Un Homme” in 1934.

Like Haute Couture, French Haute Parfumerie is synonymous with high standards, luxury, and creative daring. It recognises only exceptional products, created using the most exclusive raw materials and rewards traditional know-how.

Caron is part of the Comité Colbert which, with a membership of 78 French luxury houses, shares and promotes a set of values in France and internationally: the association of tradition and modernity, of know-how and creativity, and of history and innovation.

Caron is also a member of the Comité Montaigne which devotes itself to promoting the image of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François Ier both in France and abroad. It brings together the main fashion and luxury houses of the Avenue and organises events that feature high on the Parisian agenda.

As for their makeup, they currently offer face powder and blush, but in the early years they also sold blotting papers and lipsticks.

caron paris blush powder

caron paris blush powder

Their face powders, which supposedly smell like Bulgarian roses, are said to be exceptionally lightweight and fine. Their production is a well-guarded trade secret, apparentely.

Oh, and the packaging?! I’m getting a Guerlain-meets-Dior vibe from the etched, golden compacts.

It appears that they don’t ship to the US based on their website; however, they do have an official Amazon store, where they offer quite a few their perfumes (but not all of them) and some of their makeup.

And, uh…I may or may not have just bought the orange blush for $12, which is a little confusing to me because the coral blush is $55, the loose powder is $70, and most of their perfumes hover around the $135 mark.

Why is the orange blush so affordable?! Hey, I’m just gonna go with it. 😁

I’ve also just started following them on Instagram… You may or may not also want to do this, because the pics of their perfume bottles will make you wish you had all of them on your dresser right now.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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