New From Honest Beauty: Liquid Lipstick

honest beauty happiness

Happiness — an aptly named bright peachy pink 😊

If you feel like you can’t toss your high pony, toast a Pop Tart, or brush the cat fur from your shoulder without bumping into a liquid lipstick, you’re not alone. Especially over the past few years, they’ve been errrrywhere — from fancy brands like Chanel to big drugstore lines (I like the ones from Maybelline and Physicians Formula), and at all price points in between.

Now there’s a “clean” beauty option from Honest Beauty, and guess what? It’ll make you cabbage patch right outta your office chair, which is what happened to me when I tried one of the nudes.

Mauve nude BFF is the perfect “there but not there” lip color (and you know I love me a nude lip!).

honest beauty bff

BFF (a mauve nude)

I’ve tested four of the seven shades, and all of them feel smooth and flexible on my lips. The mousse-like formula stays put through breakfast, lunch, snacks and copious amounts of coffee and water without settling into my horizontal lip lines. Plus, most importantly, NO CAT BUTT LIPS. 😄

Even after wearing one for a full day, my lips feel comfortable and moisturized, and there’s nary a flake in sight the next day.

honest beauty goddess

Goddess (a bright reddish pink)

You can also play with the finish, depending on how you apply it. Tapping the lipstick on your lips with a fingertip deposits a sweet satiny finish, while applying directly from the doe-foot yields a delicate, dainty matte finish — not at all like the many aggressively powdery matte liquid lippies out there.

honest beauty forever

Forever (a mauve)

These look very similar to the $38 Chanel liquid lipsticks I love so much, but they’re only $12.99 each. What a steal!

I think all of the colors look pretty, and all of the ones I tried are wearable (like, there aren’t any edgy, crazy grays, blues or purples). Overall, I think mauve nude BFF is the one that would go with the greatest number of looks because of how low-key it is, but I also like how bright peachy coral Happiness POPs.

Keep an eye out for both of them, as well as Goddess (a bright reddish pink), Forever (a mid-toned mauve), Off Duty (a peach) and Passion (a mid-toned rose), at Target. (Fearless, a cool pink, is exclusive to

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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