New From bareMinerals: The Dusk Eyeshadow Palette and the Bounce & Blur Blushes

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  • August 3, 2019
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bareminerals bounce blur

Bounce & Blur, by bareMinerals

Everything in my condo is bumping. The walls are rattling, floors are clanging… Oh, and these four new bareMinerals blushes and eyeshadow palette are bouncing.

We started doing the household repairs I mentioned the other day, which means LOTS of noise and workmen doing stuff right now, but I should be living like royalty (“I’m the queen of the world!”) with a new furnace, new water heater AND a working air conditioner by the end of the week. YAY!

With the tools banging and the classic rock blasting from the very nice workmen, concentrating has been…a challenge, so if I seem a little disheveled, that’s why.

Hella random side note regarding classic rock and misheard lyrics, but Bad Moon Rising just played a few minutes ago, and when the chorus started, instead of thinking, “There’s a bad moon on the rise,” I thought, “There’s a bathroom on the right.” THANKS, SUZANNE!

OK, bareMinerals has a few fun new powder products for fall that bare fingers will be bouncing over, literally. The items in their new Bounce & Blur Collection (two eye palettes and four blushes) have a squishy, soft texture that boomerangs right back at ya when you press on the pans. They’re purposefully made to lay down diffused, hazy color, so they’re better for washes of color than precise placement.

I’ve seen this bouncy formula before from Chanel, MAC, Maybelline and Kaja Beauty, and the bareMinerals formula is comparably slick and smooth (it’s not wet, though, like cream blush). The powder skates across the skin.

Bounce & Blush Eyeshadow Palette in Dusk ($29)

I like using these eyeshadows as single washes of color on the lid, because fading the edges doesn’t require any work. Of course, you could use ’em with a brush, but for me, fingers work best both for application and blending.

It’s like working with a crayon cream shadow, but in a pot, and it’s easy and, most of all, fun. If you like simple, diffused glowing lids, I think you’ll have a blast with these.

Bounce & Blush Blushes ($29 each)

You also get that same quick diffusion of color with the blushes, which, by the way, feel more like a traditional cream product than the eyeshadows do.

The color I’m wearing today is called Coral Cloud, and the very first thing I noticed was how it looked like an expert artist washed a layer of watercolor paint on my cheeks. 😊

It looks like I’m wearing blush…but not, because I can’t see a layer of powder sitting on my skin or settling into my fine lines.

bareminerals bounce blur swatches final

All four of the blushes and the Dusk Palette (not pictured, the Dawn Palette)

bareminerals bounce blur blush

The blushes are $29 each.

bareminerals bounce blur dusk

The Dusk Palette (1 of 2) is $29.

If you’re into fast, fresh makeup that doesn’t look heavy, I think you’ll really like this collection, especially the blushes. Those are the stand-outs for me.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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