Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 605

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We make our own rainbows

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of five more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007). I love reading your answers, and it helps me get my week off to a good start.

1. What are the first few things you do when you get home after a long day?

First, I say hi to Rosie, because she meets me at the door. Next, I take off what I call my “outer shell” (shoes, jacket, purse and whatever accoutrements I’ve got on my person) and head to the kitchen, where I set everything down (Connor’s lunchbox, my water bottle, half-eaten Luna bars, etc.) and wash my hands because the world is GROSS. LOL.

At this point, if Rosie the cat is still milling about and hasn’t resumed completing the tasks on her very busy, very packed kitty schedule, I’ll give her some treats and love.

2. In your estimation, what’s the most impressive dish you make?

I gotta say…I’ve been told that my lasagna’s pretty epic.

3. What color are your socks on this fine day?

Today, my footsies are all about dark gray and neon green, because I’m wearing a pair of random, obnoxious below-the-ankle workout socks I grabbed in the dark this morning.

They came in a pack of six, and they’re dominating my sock drawer right now. They also don’t match the black pants and pink sweatshirt I’m wearing today. At all. LOL.

4. What are five beauty products you normally scrimp on?

Hmm… Well, the answer to this question changes a lot, but lately it’s been 1) body wash, 2) hairspray, 3) razors, 4) body lotion and 5) nail polish remover.

5. And what are five beauty products you normally splurge on?

1) Foundation, 2) face powder, 3) perfume, 4) mascara and 5) pimple cream!

What the world needs now…

Is more chalk art! 🙂


If you haven’t created a work of personally meaningful chalk art on a street or sidewalk yet this decade, it’s not too late to do one now! I highly recommend it. It’s surprisingly relaxing and significantly cheaper than a massage at a fancy spa.

Connor and I did these yesterday afternoon (Rosie supervised)…

Also, this is pretty much how winter has looked in our neck of the woods, except for the full-on rainy days. For the most part, it’s been sunny, crisp and cool, with daytime highs in the low-50s, and lots of leaves on the ground.

Sending you a little sunshine on this beautiful Monday, my friend! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Here are the questions to copy/paste with your answers in a comment. Talk to ya soon.

1. What are the first three things you do when you get home after a long day?
2. Most impressive dish you make?
3. What color are your socks today?
4. What beauty products do you normally scrimp on?
5. What beauty products do you normally splurge on?

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