How Has Your Life (and Your Makeup!) Changed in 2019?

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  • December 15, 2019
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Things change, but my love for neutrals always stays the same. 💖

I say this every December, but where did the year go?? Has it really been a year? I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm in my 20s, and one of the lawyers said something I still remember. He said that time moves faster as you get older, and I didn’t understand it at the time, but I totally get it now. Nowadays, it feels like I go from task to task to task until I pass out. Then I wake up and do it all over again. Then I look up and it’s December, and another year has passed!

Anyway, my life (and my makeup) changed in quite a few ways this year…

The biggest change happened in the spring, when my sweet boy Tabs crossed over to the rainbow bridge.

I’ve finally gotten to where I can think about him without feeling a sharp pain in my heart… There’s still sadness, but it’s somewhat easier to bear. I really, really miss that thug, and I still have days when I really wish I could hold him and smell the fur on his “delicious belly meat” just one more time, but it’s getting better.

We took out our Christmas decorations last weekend, and I found his Christmas stocking and got a little teary… I’m going to hang it up and put in a can gravy for Christmas so his spirit will know that his people still love him and think about him during the holidays. 🙂

(That may be the craziest cat lady thing I’ve ever written.)

I hope he’s OK with Pretty Girl Rosie — who moved in with us in October — sharing our space. She’s a sweet, dainty torbie girl who unexpectedly pranced into our lives last October. It’s a different type of love than I had for Tabs, for sure, yet it makes my heart feel a little fuller knowing that our home is a safe place for another abandoned kitty that would’ve otherwise stayed a stray.

Another big change that also happened recently — I started working part time as a baker at a bakery. It’s a weird pivot for someone who’s been writing about makeup steadily every day for the last 13 years (!), I know, but when the opportunity opened up, I got the same tingly feeling that I had when I started MBB. It’s a move, my gut tells me, that will lead to many good things (both figuratively and literally).

This fall Connor also started going to preschool five days a week, from Monday through Friday (she’s going to be four in March; can you believe it?). I miss her like crazy — some days it’s so intense that I physically ache, which probably sounds nutty, but it’s true — but she’s flourishing in school, and it felt like the right time for the both of us to start learning, little by little, how to spread our wings on our own.

So this has been the most time I’ve had to myself in five years, and it’s been a (welcome) shock to the system.

OK, makeup wise, I still love me some neutrals. That hasn’t changed, ha ha! And it probably won’t, either. What has changed, though, is that I’ve pretty much stopped wearing false lashes (thanks, Lash Boost!). I also rarely do looks that involve complicated blending these days. I mean, I’ll still go full glam on occasion, like once every other full moon, but most days I’m doing a more pared-down style, which takes me 10 minutes. 15 max. And I’m fine with that.

That’s where I am in this season of life, but who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get back to doing daily super intense looks with shading and lashes and all the steps. I do still love the artistry of it all. 🙂

How about you? How has your life and your makeup changed in 2019?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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