Good Girls and Great Makeup

good girls makeup

When good girls go bad

When the three ladies in Good Girls aren’t robbing their local Fine and Frugal discount grocery store; stashing kidnapped, would-be assailants in backyard tree houses; or laundering counterfeit money, I suspect they’re reading beauty blogs, watching YouTube makeup tutorials and stalking the aisles at Sephora.


Because their makeup is always on point! Who knew suburban moms falling into lives of crime could pull off shimmery olive lids?!

I just started watching this dark comedy on Netflix (season one is available now) and am THOROUGHLY enjoying the story lines AND face paint.

Whoever’s doing the makeup (wish I knew who it was) for the three leading ladies is having lots of fun with bright red lipstick, molten metallic eyeshadows, gleaming glitter and flawless foundation. It’s dramatic, yet still totally wearable, so no Sharpie Instagram brows, because, ya know…suburban moms in Michigan who commit federal crimes are that much more interesting to watch in a getaway car when they’re wearing electric teal liner and coral lips!

Even though the makeup is one of my favorite parts of the show, the characters and their flaws are pretty interesting too.

The premise? Three suburban moms/BFFs fall upon dire economic circumstances, and thus stumble into a life of crime in order to keep their families afloat.

Beth, played by Christina Hendricks, is a housewife whose husband loses all of their money after an affair and a series of bad financial decisions. Her sister, Annie, is played by Mae Whitman (remember her from Parenthood?), an immature single mom fighting to keep custody of her daughter. Comedienne and actress Retta plays Ruby, their lifelong friend and unofficial member of the family, has two kids (one with a serious illness) and is married to a cop-in-training.

Their descent into crime and off-the-books activities makes you feel hopeful for them as they gain financial freedom, but it also has you screaming, “NOOOO! Walk away!” at the TV during big moments.

It’s one of those easy, enjoyable shows you can put on while you’re stretching before bed. I like that I can follow it but not feel too stressed out… Think Midsomer Murders meets Claws. 😀💅

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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