Channel Your Inner Paddington Bear, and Stay Dry During a Deluge in the Eddie Bauer Charly Jacket

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  • December 13, 2019
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eddie bauer charly marigold

Autumnal camouflage

Question for you: who wore this yellow coat better — me or Paddington Bear? 🤣

OK, so, the fact that I‘d be able to channel Paddington’s vibe wasn’t the only reason I got this bright yellow waterproof raincoat from Eddie Bauer! (It was one of the main reasons, though. Ha ha ha!). It was also (and still is) marked down 50%, from $189 to $89.50.

It’s been pouring off and on for a few days here, and this coat has kept me dry, even without an umbrella. The rain practically rolls off the material (it’s 62% cotton and 38% nylon), which is warm, but sill breathable enough to be comfortable, and it moves just enough to feel structured but not stiff.

The hood is wide and has a subtle brim — apparently, this is *totally key*!

The brim prevents raindrops from hitting my face and my glasses so much more effectively than the raincoat I bought at Target a couple years back. I still love that coat, but last winter I got caught in a few downpours and was soaked through, which is why I wanted a new one.

This coat, though, won’t let water in for nothing!

Other reasons I love it…

  1. Zippered pockets! Oh, gosh, there are so many zippered pockets, and it’s glorious — two on the sides of the front pockets and one on the inner lining. I carry my phone with me everywhere, and the zippers on the pockets give me a little extra peace of mind.
  2. Subtle branding. It’s there, but it’s not splashed across the chest like on a lot of Eddie Bauer coats. There’s a small logo embroidered on the wrists of both sleeves, but you can’t really see it unless you look closely.
  3. So many sizes available. The coats come in your standard-issue XS, S, M, L and XL, and in a bunch of height options including Regular, Petite, Tall and Plus. I ended up getting a Regular in XS. It fits, but it does run a little big, so it’s roomy on me. I don’t mind, though, because I can layer a sweater or a thick sweatshirt underneath.
  4. It’s cute! I like the J. Crew-ishness of this coat. Plus, the yellow color is so fun.

eddie bauer charly marigold

So many pockets!

eddie bauer charly marigold

Covers yo’ booty!

It also comes in beige, a dark brown and navy (which is super cute too), if the Paddington Bear stoplight yellow color is too bright for you.

I’m into it… Now all I need is a red hat to go with my coat. 🙂

Bring on the rain and the rainbows!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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