Berry M&H provides new sustainable packaging for Philip Kingsley – Premium beauty

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  • October 18, 2019
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Working together for many years, British packaging maker Berry M&H and hair care brand Philip Kingsley have a new step forward more sustainable packaging.

Indeed, Philip Kingsley’s new range of packaging uses sugar-cane derived plastic, a renewable alternative to oil-derived plastic.

Philip Kingsley’s range for hair and scalp care is categorised by several families of products designed and formulated for specific hair textures and particular hair and scalp needs. To help customers identify the product families, a colour coding system is used through pack design together with a new colour coded “ident” ring on the neck of the various bottles.

Both the bottle and the ident ring are made from sugarcane derived polymer which, in its raw state, is carbon negative – reducing the carbon in the atmosphere by over 2.5Kg for every 1Kg of polymer manufactured [1]. Masterbatch (colourant) is also used in the manufacture of the bottles making the whole package 95% sugar cane and 5% masterbatch. The tubes sleeves and heads within the range are also produced from 95% sugarcane and 5% masterbatch.

Philip Kingsley’s products are sold through various channels such as on-line, mail order (QVC) and retailers such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Harrods. Philip Kingsley also have two Trichological clinics in London and New York where they treat people for all kinds of hair and scalp concerns. Philip Kingsley has a long track record in using environmentally-friendly packaging. In 2010, the company pioneered M&H Plastics’ biodegradable technology before turning to other solutions.

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