Beauty Surprises

karen surprise omg

karen surprise omg

As Forrest Gump famously said, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get, and I feel that that is 100% the way it is in beauty, too — because I’ve been a makeup/hair/nail enthusiast now for, what, a billion years? — and I’m repeatedly utterly shocked by the things that happen.

A (shockingly) hairy situation

I cannot even BEGIN to describe how repeatedly surprised I’ve been by the hair-related changes on my person over the past 10 years. Unexpected hairs have thrown me for a loop many times.

Where to start…

OK, well, for the first time ever, I now have longer nose hairs, and I occasionally have to trim the wayward ones, which I never had to do when I was younger.

Oh, and the wiry texture of the grays I’m growing out on my head? I joke that every single time I see one of those witchy ramen noodle hairs, a naughty kitty enters a cat lady’s life, ha ha!

Also in the category of Surprising Hair Developments, there was the hair loss I experienced shortly after Connor was born. I mean, I expected to to lose some hair, because I’d heard a lot about that before Connor was born, but I was shocked by the amount and how it came out in clumps!

Also surprising: that the hairs at my temples never quite recovered. To this day that area is noticeably thinner.

chocolate muscle dude

You never know what you’re gonna get.

Another pregnancy-related thing: splitting nails. Right before I found out I was pregs with the coywolf, I noticed that the nails on my fingers and toes were splitting, which had never happened to me before. It was one of the early signs that told me something was up!

Bronzer is bae

Makeup-wise, there have been SO MANY surprising developments, but one of the biggest surprises for me was discovering the power of bronzer.

I really didn’t start wearing bronzer until about 2013, before which time I thought it was a useless endeavor, because I’m already fairly tan, but I finally started to understood the big deal once I started wearing it.

Ahhhh! — like, I saw the light of why people love bronzer so much. It just adds this beautiful touch of color to your face that looks very natural if you don’t go crazy with it (which is what I did for a while there).

But, yeah, I discovered along the way that I’m actually a bronzer person.

Also, I recently discovered that I don’t love concealer as much as I used to. I started skipping it at some point during the last year, and now I don’t even bother most of the time (unless I have a sleepless night).

Ya know what? I don’t miss it, and this brings me extreme joy, not only because not using it saves time, but I also feel like I look younger when I refrain. I just can’t wear that much product under my eyes now (surprise!). I think it ages me.

An eye-opener

Oh! — another big surprise has been discovering just how well lash serums work. For years, I thought they were mostly hope in a jar (or hope in a tube), but then I started using one, and I converted.

So, yeah, beauty surprises! They’re all around us.

If ya feel like it, please share some things that have shocked you about beauty. Was it toe hair? Was it a product you didn’t expect much from that ended up blowing your mind? Let me know!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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