A Small But Life-Changing Makeup Tip (Hint: It Has to Do With Your Sharpener)

  • yoliebijoux
  • August 17, 2019
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makeup pencil sharpener

makeup pencil sharpener

I’ve talked about the misery inflicted by my makeup pencil sharpener before, but I’m no longer livin’ that messy life, because I recently figured out how to make it perform better by — novel idea here — cleaning it!

The solution I stumbled on has two parts. First, I ditched my Make Up For Ever, and UD Grindhouse, sharpeners for the no-frills Sephora sharpener shown at the top. It doesn’t have a built-in enclosure to catch the shavings, but that actually forces me to toss the shavings in the trash after every use.

Those enclosures never seem to stay affixed very well anyway, and they burst open no matter how many rubber bands I wrap around them.

Second, and this part is key, I swipe the blades clean after every use. To facilitate this, I keep baby wipes from Costco around and usually end up using one of those, but makeup wipes, a clean Q-Tip, tissue or a cotton pad (either soaked with a little makeup remover, or just dry on its own) work too.

Doing this ensures that there aren’t any errant makeup particles floating around, and consequently no transfer of color between eyeliners and lip pencils.

Seriously, why did this never occur to me before?! Oh, my gosh…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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