7 Makeup Tips and Techniques I Learned From Nerding Out to This ’90s Makeup Tutorial By Sam of Pixiwoo

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  • June 30, 2019
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Nerd alert!

(Of course I mean that in the best possible way because makeup nerds ROCK.)

I nerded out big time to this ’90s makeup how-to video by Sam of Pixiwoo, and after watching it, all I wanted to do was grab my brushes (they’re clean, hallelujah!), sit down with a pile o’ makeup and a mirror, blast some Prince, and just play for hours.

Sam shows step-by-step how to do a classic, full-on ’90s matte eye similar to what Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston (two of my favorite ’90s divas) wore back in the day. Then she pairs it with a ’90s-style Pamela Anderson lip (complete with the overdrawn, un-blended lip liner…BUT DAMN IT LOOKS HELLA GOOD!).

Sam updates the look though, so it’s not straight outta the ’90s, and she does this by pairing the dramatic eyes and lips with a sheer, barely-there base. I think the final result is totally wearable but not boring, not too difficult to do, and modern looking. I would totally do this look for a dinner, or drinks with the girls, or to Trader Joe’s to buy some whole wheat bread… HA HA HA!

The tips are moderate-advanced, which I appreciate — because how many times do we have to hear the phrase “move in a windshield wiper motion” on YouTube? — and almost all of them are techniques I’ve never heard before.

1. Use a domed blending brush and a thin tapered brush to precisely apply crease color.

For detailed crease work, Sam recommends keeping these two brushes on hand so you can place your darkest crease color exactly where you want it. She starts with a domed brush to place the darkest brown shade on the outer corner, then swaps it for for a thin, tapered brush.

She loads eyeshadow only on the very tip of the brush, then removes most of it before carefully sketching a thin line in her inner crease. This allows her to place the color exactly where she wants with maximum control. GENIUS!

2. Pay close attention to where you put your fingers on your brush relative to the ferrule.

Where you wrap your fingers around the brush determines how much control you’ll have over it. If you want more control, like when you’re drawing a pinpoint thin line in your inner crease, then hold closer to the ferrule, but if you’re going for a more blended, diffused look, hold your fingers father away from the ferrule.

3. Brace your hand against your cheek so you can steady your body before drawing fine lines.

To draw fine, perfect lines, Sam likes to steady her hand by anchoring it against her cheek; then, when it’s time to sketch out the line, she uses her fingers to move the brush. Moving just your fingers minimize any jerky movements.

She does this whenever she uses liquid liner or lip liner or anything that requires precision.

4. For a different take on minimal base, apply concealer only where you want it, and then blend it out with a fluffy face brush.

The fluffy face brush diffuses the concealer, so you’re only left with a minimal amount of product — and a sheer base — on your face.

5. You can draw realistic faux freckles with liquid lipstick.

Sam creatively uses one of my favorite MAC liquid lipsticks, Topped With Brandy, to create faux freckles, by applying dots of different sizes to the back of her hand, which she then picks up with a finger. Then she dabs them on the bridge of her nose and the tops of her cheeks. Next, she gently buffs around the perimeter of the dots to fade them a touch.

6. Fake the look of full lips by applying a lighter concealer on top of your lipstick.

After lining and filing in her lips, Sam dabs concealer in the center of the lips to highlight them and make them appear fuller.

Why did I never try this in the ’90s?? I wish I had!

7. If you’re going on vacation to Santorini, Greece, bring comfortable shoes.

Sam’s super profesh, but she isn’t all business, all the time. She also peppers this video with fun anecdotes about her vacation in Santorini. Apparently, there are a LOT of stairs there, so she doesn’t recommend bringing your kids (because all they’ll do is complain, ha ha ha! I can see that happening with teenage Coywolf).

Oh, and apparently this place is BOMB for eating massive amounts of feta cheese.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF!!!!!!!

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