Genius DIY crafts you can create out of paper

Hey craft lovers. In this video, I bring to you some amazing paper creations and origami crafts you can create out of scratch. You can use them to decorate your house or even turn them into useful items around your house.
– You can create beautiful dandelion flowers to decorate your coffee table using tissue paper and some craft wire.
– If you want to create something more complicates, I show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful tulips using craft paper. You can even turn them into amazing bouquets.
– We all know what beautiful flowers hyacinths are, and since not everyone has the chance to admire them in their own homes as decorations. Why not create your own using different colors origami paper, some scissors, and a pencil? Watch the tutorial here: 2:47
– Of course, if you don’t want to waste any craft paper before you familiarize yourself with the craft. I show you how to create cute white roses using toilet paper.
– In addition, I show you how to create paper butterflies that can actually move using paper. You can create different colored butterflies and then place them on your wall to make it look like they are escaping.
– Since we are still in the topics of paper, I also show you how many uses you can get out of your toilet paper. For example, you can use it in your beauty routine to get rid of blackheads, or you can use it to create awesome loose curls without applying any heat to your hair.

1:18 – Amazing tulip origami tutorial
2:47 – Easy hyacinth origami tutorial
4:23 – Daisy wall decorations
6:01 – Fun and easy paper crafts
8:05 – How to create butterflies using paper
9:58 – Do use toilet paper correctly
12:22 – Awesome workout tricks
15:19 – How to dry your wet shoes
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