Smart hacks that will save you time and money

Now that summer is over, it is important to protect our skin from getting dry. Sometimes skin care products can be expensive to buy, – we all know that. So I am showing you some smart beauty ideas and skincare hacks that will transform your pampering routine and get you the most glowy skin you can think of.

Of course, good skincare goes with good makeup. You can’t have one without the other. So, I am also showing you some simple makeup ideas and tutorials to help you transform your makeup look. Whether you are going with a full-face of makeup or whether you are going with a natural look, I show you some easy tips that will help you. Even if you happen to run out of some makeup products and you can’t run to the shop to buy new ones. I show you how to create your own by using items in your own home.

Since we’ve covered the beauty and makeup aspect of the whole look, let’s move on to outfits. It is important to always be in fashion, but it’s not always easy, since new stuff keeps coming out. So, instead of wearing the same clothes repeatedly, I show you how to repurpose your old ones, sew them and create new ones that fit you perfectly like a glove.

But let’s not forget about the fellow food lovers who love to have a tasty, healthy snack on the go, but don’t have too much time on their hands. I am showing you some super recipes you can try, with simple ingredients. You can make everything from scratch, or you can make your existing treats even tastier.

To put a smile on your face, I also show you some relatable situations that you’ve definitely encountered at least ones in your life. With different types of people where expectations never met reality.

1:07 – Alternative way to use pool noodles
1:58 – How to make your own swimsuit
3:15 – Hacks to have fun at the pool
6:23 – How to always find the solution to all your problems
9:13 – Secret hiding spots at the beach
10:33 – Smart Hacks to use at the beach
11:39 – Genius sunscreen hack
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