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  • December 18, 2019
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Independent cosmetics, personal care, fragrance, and wellness brands are now undeniably of great interest to the beauty industry. In fact, the indie beauty business at large is expected to be an $850bn+ industry unto itself by 2027 (according to recent data published by Uplink Live​).

To get a sense of what indie beauty brand leaders are doing right, Cosmetics Design has complied a list of the outstanding 2019 news items from our site that feature indie brands or the movement more broadly. In no particular order, here are the 2019 Indie Beauty News Highlights:

1. The Atolla Skin Health System went live in 2019
The new personalized skin care brand, named after a jelly fish,​ made a big splash in a year when Living Coral was the Pantone color and marine beauty was a trend to watch​.

In August of this year, the tech-driven beauty venture led by Meghan Maupin and Sid Salvi launched to the market. Learn all about the machine learning and big data behind this new skin care venture here on Cosmetics Design.

2. A new brand called OWA made powdered shampoo popular
The beauty startup Kailey Bradt founded launched its first 2 SKUs in June this year: Moondust Hair Wash and an unscented version of Moondust Hair Wash.

OWA is an acronym for Out-of-this-World Amazing. And the brand has big plans to live up to that moniker with a full collection of water-activated hair care and styling products in the pipeline. Find out more about all things OWA in this article, based on a pre-launch Cosmetics Design’s interview with Bradt.