13 Unexpected Side Effects of Makeup Addiction

  • yoliebijoux
  • November 3, 2019
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  1. You can never leave the house without at least three lipsticks and two lipglosses.
  2. You have a dedicated stash of neutral eyeshadow palettes, and while most “non-natives” would just see a whole bunch of pans of brown and beige eyeshadow, you can thoroughly break down the differences between each and every palette by undertone, finish, appropriate place to wear, etc.
  3. You have a collection of several brown, black and/or gray eyeliners, and, as you can do for your neutral eye palettes, you know all the distinguishing factors among them, so you say things like, “Well, that black liquid liner has a matte finish, and this one has a shiny finish, and this other one has a vinyl finish, which is COMPLETELY different than a shiny finish…”
  4. When your partner says, “Do you really need another coral lipstick/mascara/[insert any product you tend to hoard here]?”, you don’t even hear them anymore… They literally sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown (“Wah-wah-wah-waaaah!”).
  5. You maintain several tubes of your favorite lipstick stashed in various places (your purse, your car, your jacket pocket).
  6. All the makeup artists and sales associates at Sephora knowingly nod at you when you walk in, like “What’s up?”
  7. You’ve experienced makeup shopping blackouts more than once, where you walk into a store and someone sticks a basket in your hand. Next thing you know, the basket is filled to the brim! — where you can barely carry it — and you have no idea/recollection how the items in the basket got there.
  8. Having a dedicated shelf, drawer or (*ahem*) tote full of foundations makes complete sense to you.
  9. You have an eye makeup look that continues to elude you, but you keep practicing it on the off chance that you’ll be able to perfect it someday (for me, it’s cut crease).
  10. You use makeup lingo like it’s your mother tongue, and say things like, “Do you bake? I used to, but I never do it anymore,” and the person you’re speaking to knows you’re not talking about cupcakes.
  11. You’ve had a HALLELUJAH moment with bronzer at one time or another.
  12. Your friends and relatives have asked you to help them with their prom, wedding or Halloween makeup.
  13. Your plan of attack for the Sephora VIB sale is so elaborate, and so thorough, that it requires weeks of intense preparation. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! 😁

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